How to Prepare Your Firm for a Digitized World

In my last post, I described how SaaS companies are using content marketing to aggressively commoditize traditional professional services firms. This week I offer some suggestions firms can put into place to immunize themselves against the onslaught.

Is Your Firm Suffering from Brand Envy?  Mistake No. 4


One of the most common refrains I hear from partners who are feeling the rebrand bug is that they feel their firm’s brand is not “cool” or "hip" enough. They want to be associated with a cool brand like Apple, Nike, Facebook, or Fill in the blank.”

The Marketing Trend Devouring Your Core Business

There is much talk about digitization’s impact on blue-collar jobs, including job elimination, skill depletion, and role obsolescence. From my vantage point, the risk is just as high, if not higher, for many “white-collar” jobs. The phenomenon is hitting some experts sooner and in a much different way than they ever imagined—in the form of the...

Why I am Building a New Strategic MarTech Partnership & Firm


If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know that one of the key tenets of my growth philosophy is that firms must align their core capabilities, market opportunities and brand relevance if they want to set a smart growth in motion. Today, we are drinking our own Kool-Aid® and augmenting all three.

Don't Make This Big Mistake With Your Brand Values: Branding Mistake No. 11

Many firms don’t formally define values until an agency tells them during a branding initiative that it is important to articulate "brand values."

Of course, all agencies have some methodology to facilitate brand values discussions and build consensus (See Mistake No. 6 Making brand decisions by committee). I have sat through many of these...

How to Avoid Mismanaging Personal Brands: Branding Mistake No. 21

You can tell a lot about a firm when the topic of "personal brands" comes up.

Among intelligent, driven people, discussions about personal brands can get a little heated. There are firms that quash personal brands and firms that buy them as a growth strategy. Both are acceptable and worthwhile approaches. Firms make a mistake when they do not...

The 3-in-1 Drivers of Brand Preference

Attributes that drive brand preference are akin to biblical laws. The Old Testament laws numbered 613. When Jesus was asked which of the laws was most important, he consolidated them all down to one; “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.” He added a second, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” I...

Is failing to make growth decisions causing your firm to fail?

  Who owns growth decisions in your firm?

Confusion often reigns in professional firms about who makes decisions that affect a firm's growth. Is it the leadership team, practices, geographies, individual partners, BD, or marketing? Not knowing creates sub-optimal growth, organizational confusion and needless emotional upheaval.

Marketing Strategy or Marketing Calendar: How to Tell the Difference

As firms finalize accounting of last year’s performance, sort through bonuses and deliver employee reviews, partners are turning their sights to this year’s revenue bogey. Many are wondering where the revenue is going to come from and turning to their marketing departments for a magic bullet. Now is a good time to determine if your firm will be...

The Unnatural Act of Cross-selling

The whiz kids from your expensive strategy consultant will often tell you that cross-selling is the solution to your firm’s growth challenges. “If clients like and trust your tax, they will like your IT consulting,” they say. “If they like your intellectual property group, they’ll like your real estate group.”


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